About Us

What are avarcas?


‣ Buttery soft calf leather inner sole (women)
‣ Breathable, cushioned suede inner sole (mini)
‣ Heel support

Stain and water resistant

‣ Waxed leather and canvas


‣ Strong hand stitching
‣ Lightweight rubber sole


Avarcas are a style of Spanish leather sandals that originated in Menorca, a Balearic island nestled in the Mediterranean Sea. In the isolation of the Spanish Civil War during the 1940s, the strong and flexible sandals were made by farmers from natural leather and recycled tyres to navigate the archipelago and its steep, rocky terrain.
In the 1960s, craftsmen began to commercialise avarcas, and they rapidly gained popularity with Menorquan folk, who would traditionally go to workshops each summer and order their Menorquinas. Since then, avarcas have grown to be favoured by locals and visitors alike. They’ve even become the favourite summer shoes of the Spanish royal family!
Avarcas from Verano are now made with flexible and durable molded rubber soles in the traditional style, as well as a lightweight foam sole. The family business we work with in Citudella de Minorca, established in 1949, hand-make their avarcas with traditional methods and tools in a more laborious process, stitching the sole with thick waxed thread and a punch needle.

Coming back to where you started is not the same as never leaving.

Terry Pratchett
A Hat Full of Sky

We discovered avarcas
serendipitously on holiday in Spain.


We were hunting for a cult espadrille shop to get our hands on some of them famous Spanish wedges. But in a small shop on the same street, we spotted a pair of shiny, glittered avarcas in the store window and were captivated by both its minimal profile and the endless variations it came in. The cute kids shoes inside were just icing on the cake.
We contacted the small family company that made them, and conceptualised a few initial patterns. Today, we curate and design these quirky, bright shoes in Singapore, fusing a local spin on patterns and textures with native Spanish traditions and customs.